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More time. More leads. Stop wasting precious energy wrestling with words and focus on growing your income. 

From successful nonprofit fundraiser to copywriter and SEO strategist

I love words. In first grade, when I learned to string letters together into words that told a story, I thought, “I could do this forever.” Today, I still feel the same.

For two decades, I channeled my passion for writing into nonprofit work. Over my fundraising career, I raised hundreds of millions of dollars for important causes. But after years of living with chronic illness, the pandemic made me rethink how I want to work and create change in the world.

Now, I collaborate with incredible nonprofits, small businesses, and entrepreneurs who are ready to grow—their reach, their impact, their audiences, and their income.

My Philosophy

Know your goals

SEO is about getting people to find your website online. Copywriting is about engaging your audience and turning them into clients, customers, or donors. But neither can work unless you’re clear about what you want to accomplish. 

Write with purpose

The internet is full of fluff. Content that’s bland, repetitive, or far too complicated (or vague) to be useful. We can do better. Every piece of writing should have a message, a purpose, and a voice. That’s what will keep your audience coming back.

Structure matters—for humans and SEO

Few of us actually read content on the internet. Instead, we skim. We read the first paragraph or two, then scroll the headers to see if the article or page is worth our time. Just like people, search engines use structure to understand what your content is about. 

Everyone has a story

I believe that everyone has a story to tell—and I’m here to help you tell yours. If you want to read more about my story, I blog about being a writer with chronic illness and about buying a house in Sicily

Why the name Evergreen Words? 

Like many entrepreneurs and small business owners, I struggled to settle on a business name. Because, yes, even a name tells a story. And the name Evergreen Words certainly has its own. 

The value of Evergreen Content

Just like evergreen trees, evergreen content refers to written materials that remain fresh and inspiring year after year. Evergreen Content can also be easily updated to stay relevant long-term. 

A nod to the Evergreen State

I was born and raised in Washington State, the Evergreen State. I live far from that corner of the world now. But I still carry what I learned about self-sufficiency, sustainability, and appreciation for all things wild.

The heart of a gardener

My parents are hippie gardeners. They named me after a flower. And they passed on the gardening bug. Whether it’s rooftop gardening in Brooklyn or tending lemon trees in Sicily, I’m always ready to spend quality time with plants, trees, and soil.

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